My Favorite 2008 Vitamins- Part Two


In lieu of a “best-of-2008″ list of albums, I decided that I would go back and compile my favorite Vitamins from the last year that were actually released in the last year.  As you can probably tell, staying on top whatever’s hot in the blogosphere isn’t very high on my list of priorities.  I’m not interested in being part of the movement that breaks the next Clap Your Hands or Vampire Weekend (not to take anything away from either band, I like them both).  I just post whatever happens to tickle me that particular day and if it’s hot off the presses, so be it.  So, I thought a list like this would be a good gauge of the new music I was listening to this year.  

I whittled it down to 32 tracks, the first 16 were published yesterday, the second 16 are below. They’re listed in alphabetical order and link back to the original post.  And, lastly, there’s a .zip file down on the bottom for your downloading (and in some cases, re-downloading) pleasure.

Passion Pit – Sleepyhead
Plants & Animals – Bye Bye Bye
Quiet Village – Circus of Horror
Santogold – Lights Out
School of Language – Disappointment ‘99
Sigur Rós – Inní Mér Syngur Vitleysingur
The Billionaires – Eighties Movies
The Little Ones – Tallies
The Night Marchers – Bad Bloods
The Walkmen – In the New Year
The Week That Was – The Good Life
Tim Fite – Big Mistake
TV on the Radio – Family Tree
Vampire Weekend – Walcott
Vic Chesnutt w/ Elf Power – Teddy Bear
Why? – Fatalist Palmistry

My Favorite 2008 Vitamins Part Two .zip


One Response to My Favorite 2008 Vitamins- Part Two

  1. s says:

    WOW, thanks so much, these are really great vitamins!

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