Music Stuff Round-Up: 10.26 – 11.01

Keyboardist Merl Saunders, who played with The Grateful Dead, B.B. King, Miles Davis and many others, died of complications following a stroke.  Rumors of a Smiths reunion at next year’s Coachella were quashed by Johnny Marr’s management.  The Cure’s new album 4:13 Dream is streaming on their MySpace page.  AC/DC topped the Billboard Top 200 chart in the US and came in first on the UK album charts for the first time in 28 years with their latest album, Black Ice. MTV launched a Hulu-like website for music videos at  MTV also announced that they and Harmonix, the developer behind Rock Band, have licensed the Beatles catalog for a new video game.  John Paul Jones has confirmed that Led Zeppelin will tour without Robert Plant and that they are currently auditioning for a replacement vocalist.  Wal-Mart lowered the prices at it’s digital download store with some songs selling for .74.  Jermaine Jackson confirmed that the Jackson 5 will reunite in 2009, although Michael released a statement saying he would not be participating.  Alan McGee, co-founder of Creation Records and former manager of Oasis and Jesus and Mary Chain, amongst others, announced his retirement from the music business via his Facebook page.  Ben Gibbard, of Death Cab For Cutie and Postal Service, was stung by a scorpion.  Wilco performed on the Colbert Report.  Neil Young Archives: Volume 1 (1963-1972) is available for pre-order from Amazon.

Format inspired by Harpers.


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